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Rich Vossel

Richard A. Vossel
Lead Consultant and Owner

Rich is an industry leader in the application of all forms of AIDC/AIT and their supporting technologies. Over the past 34 years he has designed, developed, maintained, managed, and promoted AIDC systems that use bar codes, memory devices, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), smart cards, biometrics, satellite tracking and wireless infrastructures and backbones. 

See a presentaion on the "Internet of Things (IoT)" given by Rich.

In 2006, Rich was inducted into the AIDC100 for his contributions to the industry.


Phone: 757.741.8754
Email: Rich@Vossel.com

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James Laurance

James Laurance
AIDC Program/Product Management Consultant

Phone: 757.291.1401
Email: Jim.Laurance@Vossel.com

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Robert Veiga

Robert T. Veiga
AIDC/RF Engineering Consultant

Phone: 831.334.9990
Email: Bob.Veiga@Vossel.com
Website: www.rtveng.com

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Rick Lafferty

Richard Lafferty
AIDC/AIT Standards andSupply Chain Solutions Consultant

Rick is an internationally recognized subject matter expert (SME) in Automated Identification Technology (AIT) Standards development, with 19 years of committee experience and 33 yrs. functional experience in manufacturing and logistics in diverse management and technical positions; who has vigorously promoted and deployed process improvement initiatives.

Email: Rick.Lafferty@Vossel.com

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John F. Cowardin
AIDC Software Engineer and Solutions Consultant

Email: Jack.Cowardin@Vossel.com

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Steven A. Rickman
AIDC Project Manager and Field Engineer

Experienced Field Engineer and Project Manager specializing in active and passive RFID system architecture design and implementation. 13 plus years experience and accumulated skills in RFID field engineering, customer care, and project management.

Email: Steve.Rickman@Vossel.com

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