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Jack Cowardin

Jack is a software engineer and Solutions Consultant with experience in system design and implementation, computer hardware, and electronics. Skilled in multiple software technologies including web-based Java, UNIX, Linux, andWin32 programming, networking, hardware interfaces, database, and system administration.

Work Expereance

Infix Computer Services, LLC
October 2011 - Present

Worked as an independent contractor for corporate clients including:

  • RFID Global Solution, Reston VA.
    Under contract to Cisco Systems, Sunnyvale CA., developed a data schema and associated queries, stored procedures, and triggers to interface RFIDGS’ Visi-Trac Web-based asset tracking software with Cisco’s Asset Management System, a new company-wide system for asset valuation across Cisco’s worldwide operations.

    Introduced Rally as an online Agile Development system for managing software deliverables to Cisco.
  • Evanhoe and Associates, Dayton OH.
    Developed and implemented a design for a paid demonstration for the US Air Force Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) office that integrated RFIDGS Visi-Trac with numerous AF-AIT system including CAS and DIAMONDS for tracking of Nuclear Weapons Related Material.

Senior Software Engineer
Savi Technology (Division of Lockheed Martin) Mountain View, CA
2007 - September 2011

  • Lead SW Engineer Savi I-GUIDES, a web-based software solution for DoD Unique ID (UID) compliance. I-GUIDES uses .NET technologies with MSSQL or Oracle database.
  • Developed and modified Mobile applications as part of Savi SmartChain, a supply chain support application using Java, BEA Weblogic, and Oracle.
  • Developed Custom Business Logic components for Savi Site Manager for Savi customers that enhance and customize Site Manager’s role as an edge application for RFID asset tracking.

Senior Solutions Consultant/Software Project Manager
RFID Global Solution, Rogers, AR
2005 - 2007

  • Responsible for numerous hardware/software/system integration projects using RFID, both active and passive, for RFIDGS. Customers included Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Savi Technology, and Northrop Grumman.
  • Developed proposals and solutions including system design, schedules, costing, site surveys,and documentation for RFIDGS partners including SAIC (DLA Depot passiveRFID rollout) and EDS (RF-ITV support RFP from PM J-AIT).
  • Developed detailed Statements of Work and negotiated with the customer for active RFID implementation at two additional DISA sites.

Senior Software Engineer/Solutions Consultant
Savi Technology, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
2000 - 2005

  • Installed and implemented Savi Smartchain software, a multi-tier, enterprise level software system employing Java, BEA Weblogic, and Oracle for supply chain management.
  • Developed DLLs in C/C++ for use with Savi EchoPoint products.
  • Rewrote and maintained Smartchain Client Tools, used worldwide by Savi and its customers to read and write Savi RFID tags. . Developed a Win 32 dynamic link library (DLL) for implementation of the ANSI T6 standard API with Savi products. This involved low-level use of the Savi wire-line protocol. . Developed software/hardware integration demonstrations as proof-of-concept for the Savi government sales group, Savi customers, and technology partners, including development of Savi Site Manager extensions with Active and Passive RFID capabilities.
  • Provided direct support to US DoD programs such as the Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS) and USAF GATES and CMOS programs (supply and transportation)

Network Engineer
Satellite Communications Systems, Inc., Hampton VA
1998 - 2000

  • Provided business support, programming, planning and system administration for satellite-based switched voice/internet on a Cisco phone switch controlled by a Sun 450 Server.
  • Used Java, Perl, and UNIX shell scripts Win 32 and Solaris for switch control..
  • Built a telnet applet to allow business managers to monitor phone traffic volumes.
  • Developed in MS SQLS and GUI for reporting for pre-paid phone card applications
  • Developed Personal Information Number (PIN) generation routines for pre-paid phone cards employing Lehmer random number generation with a Win32 graphical interface.

Senior Software Engineer

Logicon div. of Northrup Grumman, Williamsburg, VA
1995 - 1998

  • Technical Software manager for Logicon’s RF Server for UNIX and NT environments. The RF Server ran in SCO, Linux, HPUX and DGUX and provided an interface for Handheld Terminal (HHT) communications with Oracle, Progress, and Informix databases.
  • Redesigned RF Server for Windows NT and designed a multi-threaded interface between Oracle, RF Server, and Handheld Terminals (HHTs)
  • Designed/implemented TCP/IP communications in 2.45.GHz RF networks for HHTsMaintained various APIs used in software development on handheld devices.

Application Development Consultant

Infix Computer Services, Williamsburg, VA
1992 - 1995

  • Consultant and programmer for business customers while earning MS degree in ComputerScience.
  • Programmer/technical analyst to the Federal Reserve Automation Services (Richmond, VA) developing the Fed’s National Data Repository.

Operations Manage
nView Corporation, Newport News,VA

1990 - 1992

  • Managed Manufacturing, Customer Service, and Quality Assurance during company growth from revenue of $4M to $28M.

Vice President and Treasurer
Skyline Technologies, Charlottesville, VA
1985 - 1990

  • Managing partner in a software services consulting firm.. Managed all software development, technical direction, and finance.

Special Skills

MS .NET, Java, C, C++, Java, Perl, UNIX Shell scripting, Tcl/Tk. Oracle,
MS SQL Server, MS Access, Pascal, Visual Basic, Delphi, 80x86 Assembler, ISO Smart Card commands. UNIX (Linux, SCO, Solaris, HPUX, DGUX), Windows Server 2003, XP,7 DOS.Knowledge of TCP/IP and networking, Linux kernel, and packet and data switching. Active and Passive RFID, including EPC Global Class 0,1, and Gen 2.  Employed Agile Development methodologies in a major re-write of I-GUIDES software. Experienced in Scrum and Agile Team Development methods and practices.


  • M.S. Computer Science, 1995-1997 College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA
  • Certificate in Computer Science, 1993-1995 Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
  • B.A., Environmental Sciences, 1976 The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA