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The following are some references and testimonials given by others in the industry

Clive Hohberger
Chairman, AIM - Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility

“I have had the pleasure of working together with Rich Vossel for about 7 years at AIM, the global trade association of the automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) industry. In 2004 AIM established an RFID Expert Group (AIM REG), initially to support the DOD deployment of UHF Gen 2 RFID labeling for logistics. Rich has continually been an active member of that group, and brings very special expertise to it including extensive knowledge of active RFID; applications standards development and the Department of Defense’s applications, policies and leadership personnel regarding RFID deployment. In 2010, Rich was elected chairman of the AIM REG for 1 year and was a highly effective leader. Group leadership and program definition and management are among his greatest personal strengths. Now the REG is focused on other major RFID application areas, such as health care, warehouse vehicle-mounted RFID and hazardous material tagging. The latter two programs were developed during Rich's tenure as chairman. Rich is widely respected by his peers for his knowledge and contributions to the AIDC industry: In 2006 he was elected by his peers to the AIDC 100 honorary organization of the most effective contributors to the AIDC industry. Rich Vossel would be a terrific asset to any organization serious about marketing or implementing active RFID or doing business with the US Government.”

Dan Kimball
Principal, SRA International

“Rich is one of the Good Guys. He gets the job done, communicates up down and laterally, and had a well deserved reputation for honesty and professional accuracy and insight.

I have worked with Rich for over ten years and he had always delivered. I have also numbered Rich and his wife as personal friends. He has core values that are reflected in everything he does. He is a constant in an ever changing world. Dependable and timely in all of his dealings he is someone you want to di business with and later on are happy you did. Hire Rich and you will not be disappointed.

His knowledge of RFID is exceptional but it is his ability to convey that knowledge and understanding in terms that those outside the industry can understand.”

Larry Huseby
Business Development, Intermec

“Rich has a long history in the AIT industry, and knows the technology better than most. He understands his customers' requirements, and uses his strong program management skills to meet those needs. Rich has maintained a close partnership with Intermec, even as he has changed companies as a result of acquisition. We look forward to working with Rich again in the near future.”

Chuck Evanhoe
President, Evanhoe and Associates

“Rich is a consummate professional and was a tremendous help in a recent AIDC project. His insight and leadership was instrumental in a successful project completion. He’s a valuable asset to us and the entire AIDC industry.”

Don Ertel
VP Systems & Technology Solutions, CDO Technologies

“I highly recommend Rich to anyone looking for an experienced technologist with a strong RFID background. Rich excels at being able to explain complex subjects in non-complex ways. His understanding of customer service and commitment always show in his work. Rich is a true professional and extremely talented individual.”

Pat King
Founder, TROI

“I have worked with Rich for the past decade within the scope of all aspects auto-identification and the AIDC Industry. Most recently Rich was the Chairman of the REG (RFID Expert Group) of AIM Global and I was the Vice-Chairman. He was pivotal in aiding the REG transition from a fixed Chair (previous style) to a revolving Chair. This was not a trivial pursuit and Rich exhibited the best balance of professionalism and talent.  AIM selected Rich based on his strong performance within the REG for the prior five years as well as his industry reputation.

Within the AIDC industry Rich has been a "go to guy" and subject matter experts for Savi worldwide in all of it's complex network applications requirements. Rich was the key contact I would turn to for any questions related to network compatibilities, topics and issues. I hope to continue to work with Rich as his future unfolds and I equally hope to be a part of that.”

Thomas Manzagol
COO, RFID Global Solutions

“I've worked with Rich for going on nearly two decades now, and have had the opportunity for Rich to work for me as a program manager on a complex and demanding DOD technology demonstration project, and work with me as a fellow manager and colleague at Savi Technology, when he successfully managed the company's highly profitable $400M RFID II, and subsequent RFID III contracts. Rich's unique candor, openness, and ability to overcome challenges by thinking "outside the box" mark him as one of the most experienced and exceptional program managers I've had the opportunity to work with. Rich is an invaluable asset to any firm that has the good sense to hire him.”

Mohammad Avani
Sr. Director, Global Defense Industry Solutions & Marketing, Savi Technology

“Rich Vossel is a true icon of the AIT world. I first met Rich back in 1990, after he had just come back from the Middle East installing wireless infrastructure for the Army. Since then, he has played a key role in advancing the adaption of AIT across the DoD. His hands-on experience, coupled with his knowledge of AIT technologies & standards, as well as domain expertise in logistics, make him an outstanding expert and advisor for any organization that is interested in AIT, or wants to get the most out of their investment in AIT.”

Paul Dembeck
Federal Government Account Executive, Intermec Technologies

“I have had the opportunity of working with Rich on many projects within the Federal Government. He has an attention to detail and a commitment to success that is the mark of a producer. His professional attitude along with his years of experience within the Federal Arena would make him a true asset to any organization looking to be successful in that market.”

Pete Rouse
Channel Sales Executive, Federal Sector, Intermec Technologies

“I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Rich for a number of years. I worked on a major RFP which we won. Rich has a deep understanding of the DoD and its supply chain. Rich's experience and knowledge would make him an asset to anyone looking for a strategic alliance or capture manager.”

John Compisi
Vice President, Solutions Consulting, Savi Technology

“I have worked alongside Rich Vossel for the past 9 years and can unequivocally state that he is technically astute and professionally well prepared. Through 9 years that I have know Rich he has very adroitly managed the companies relationship with its key customer on the RFID I, II and III contracts. He has always been laser focused on the issues and quick to assess the pros and cons of diverse courses of action. He advised the SVP of sales and the CEO over the years and was always counted upon to have a well considered recommendation for action. An excellent communicator and technical specialist, Rich has enviable skills in the RFID/AIT fields.”

Sebastian Philip
CEO, SEB Technologies, Inc.

“I have had the privilege of working with Rich for the past 7 years in our capacity supporting the same DoD customer (PM Joint-Automatic Identification Technology) . Through these 7 years, I have found Rich to be the consummate professional, with a great personality and very strong technical and programmatic background. He has been instrumental in the DoD's development and deployment of the largest RFID network. He is truly an asset to any company he works.”

Ronald Miller
Supply Systems Analyst, US Army

“Rich has a wide knowledge of integrating cutting edge and evolving technologies into large automated systems. He has performed very well for the Dept of Defense projects including Bar Coding and RFID. I highly recommend him as a consultant to give an honest and thorough evaluation of the pros and cons of any initiative, and as a Project Manager for overseeing any complex integration with appropriate cost, risk and schedule management.”

Erik Wood
Vice President of Sales, Revere Security

“I've know Rich well while representing both partner companies and competing companies. As a sales manager for years, I have never experienced someone who was able to get so close to a customer, stay so close based on the trust he engendered and was technically savvy enough to continue to grow the solution requirements of the customer based on his companies core technologies. Many careers were established on the back of Rich's achievements.”

Keith Maxwell
Program Manager, Northrop Grumman Information Technology

“I have known Rich for over 17 years. He is one of best Architects of Automatic Identification Technologies in the industry. He has the gift of depicting AIT solutions and presenting them to all types of audiences, government or commercial, in a manner potential customer can easily understand and quickly see the cost effectiveness of the solutions. Rich has vast knowledge of AIT, especially active RFID and would be an asset for any company seeking expertise in AIT.”

Nick Tsougas
Lead Principal Technical Advisor, SRA Int'l and DOD Logisitics AIT Office

“I have worked and known Rich professionally for over 14 years as my time with the US Navy AIT Program and as the one of the Lead Advisor to the DOD AIT Program. He was extremely professional and always with a solution to the problem that was presented. Rich was instrumental in the DOD implementation of active RFID and provided guidance above and beyond. He was truly an asset to the team!”

Lt Gen(USAF Ret)Carl Franklin
President, International Falcon Associates, Inc.

“Rich Vossel is a highly talented technologist who has been intregal to the development of Savi's image and reputation over the last ten years.

I worked closely with him when he was overseeing the Air Force account. He worked well with the Air Force Program Office and with the Joint Program Office. He established himself as a 'go to guy' in the early development of RFID in the defense industry, and was called upon often to provide instructional presentations on the technology and it's application.

A dedicated, ethical team player, he is strongly recommended for any job requiring strategic planning and execution in the application of RFID in Information Technology.” February 16, 2011

Pete Lington
Sales Executive, USAF, USTRANSCOM, and DLA, Savi Technology

“Rich Vossel is an outstanding AIT expert. He has a wealth of knowledge that could prove useful for anyone looking to gain insight into AIT applications, standards, and implementations. Rich always maintains a cool head and remembers to put the customer first each and every time I've done business with Rich. An unbelievable AIT expert who always puts integrity first...highly recommended!”

Mark Nelson
Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Savi Group

“Rich has distinguished himself at Savi Technology by overseeing the company's largest contract with its largest customer. This involved a rare combination of abilities -- highly technical knowledge, amicability, astute business sense as well as patience and perseverance. I worked with Rich on numerous public relations campaigns, and he always distilled very complex information into understandable sound bites, as well as helped steward customer approvals of public statements, such as press releases, OpEds, and presentations. Through his work with professional associations such as AIM Global, where he chaired the RFID Experts Group, Rich also is widely known as an industry leader.”

Fraser Jennings
Deputy General Manager, Public Sector, Savi Technology

“I have worked with Rich in numerous capacities over the past 15 years. When we first met he worked for a partner company and we collaborated on many international standards issues. Shortly after joining Savi, he assume the responsibility of primary interface with our most significant customer and through the years we have worked together to achieve many significant objectives.

In every instance Rich has always been an exceptional representative for his organization. He has the unique ability to assess the situation and then be able to sell his position, whether it be a concept in the standards world or a product to a new customer.
Rich is a very versatile individual with a strong technical understanding coupled with the ability to understand the customers perspective and find a way to use these to achieve his organizations objectives.”

Rosemary Johnston
Senior Director, Business Operations and Systems, SAVI

“Rich has unparalleled technical knowledge of AIDC, which he coupled with his program management skills to enable Savi to provide superb support to PM J-AIT and our DoD customers. As capture manager for the RFID III recompete, Rich led a multi-partner team to secure a win in this very important contract. As the front line manager for RFID II and RFID III, Rich aptly fielded questions and queries from the customer(s), served as the primary interface with all customers and Savi, and ensured timely and comprehensive responses were provided to our customers. He did an excellent job of managing customer expectations, and handled all issues with aplomb.”

Jim Alexander
Product Director, US Army, PD J-AIT

“Rich provided this program with excellent support for a lot of years and will certainly be missed. He was the go-to guy for our program and handled the role with flair. He is a true professional and is an extremely personable individual.”

Tom Neff
Deputy Product Manager, US Army, PM J-AIT

“Rich's technical skills and project management capabilities are simply outstanding. He has an in-depth knowledge of supply chain management, information technology, standards and business process re-engineering. Simply a true professional!!!”

Leonard Gliatta
Business Development at Motorola

 “During the period 1989-1992 I led the US Army program management office for Automatic Identification Technology. Rich Vossel was on staff as a system engineer and recognized AIT authority. He performed magnificently and represented us in the first Gulf War by designing and installing an RFID system to track ammunition trucks in the Arabian Desert. He's a go getter and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.”